Tuesday, August 14, 2012

About This Site

Solutions to things which we thought had no answers

Site launched 14th August 2012

Everyone will be affected: House Buyers, Businesses, Government Borrowing, Lenders, All Financial Institutions, Rating Agencies, Regulators, And Politicians. 

It will change our investments, savings, pensions, mortgages, bonds and our expectations of what can and cannot be achieved, starting as soon as our financial institutions get their heads around what has been discovered and written in these first publications right here.

New concepts rule. We store wealth and we lend wealth, not just money. Until now everyone has thought in terms of money and prices. In future we will change the currency of our discussions and measurements, to wealth, and stored income (wealth). By doing so we will invest in and borrow from much safer financial products and have a much safer financial world.

General knowledge about wealth and other concepts get updated, and some important regulations and other new guidelines for future policy-makers to take things further forward are included.

The pages are intended to be read in sequence, left to right. Each page has a specific message for a specific audience, as indicated in the page titles.

Some pages have been added at the end, one explaining the Fundamental Issues,
One for fund managers on why Siegel's Constant is what it is
Another giving a guide to finding where interest rates may be headed, because pre-crisis, no one really seemed to know - except Edward who had a much better insight.
And now, there is a page on a Low Inflation Trap that may be retarding or preventing a full economic recovery.

A series of U Tube videos, each one being short and devoted to a page of this blog. An amateurish attempt has already been posted. Here is the link.

There are other recommended pages on the Sister Blog -

IngramSure BoardAcknowledgements, and especially this one to protect the public -

On that page (found on the titles tags) contains a lot of background and information about Edward's passion to protect people from financial hazards and his success at doing that can be seen. For example, see the graph below...

Edward always kept his clients' investments safe: the Log Scale creates a pair of straight upwards sloping lines at 15% p.a. compound growth net of tax.

This Graph was externally audited and became  a feature of the Ingram Investment Services Brochure. Regardless of what the markets were doing Edward's Portfolios would rise year on year for the 22 years that he was managing them.

For your protection

  • No client companies were placed in the unsafe Final Salary Pensions Schemes.
  • No clients suffered financial hardship as a result of the advice given by the company of which Edward was CEO and the main shareholder. 
  • No clients were recommended to leave the safety of the state pension scheme.
  • No clients were advised to borrow against their property in retirement.
  • A member of staff was placed among the winners in a national financial advice competition.

Staff testimonials to that effect can be found on the Badge of Safety page of this blog: http://macro-economic-design.blogspot.com

CONCLUSION: If you are personally hoping to be guided to safe financial products as they become available, read that Badge of Safety page.